Twitter Lists – What are they and how do you use them for fitness?

Twitter Lists are one of the features that Twitter offers to help users organise the people they follow. Twitter lists are a way to create a private Twitter directory separated from Twitter’s main timeline or Twitter Homepage.

What are Twitter Lists?

Twitter lists allow you to compile user profiles of people, brands and companies they want to keep track of more quickly. Twitter offers default lists such as ‘Following’, ‘Followers’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Subscriptions’. Twitter also allows account holders to create custom lists. Unfortunately, Twitter lists are not available for Twitter pages, so business Twitter accounts can’t create Twitter lists.

The default Twitter Lists are public; this means that they are viewable by anyone who has access to your profile, so you may want to be cautious in listing your boss in one of the ‘ Twitter Followers ‘ lists.

Twitter has a list privacy setting allowing users to choose who can see Twitter lists they have created, and it also allows users to create private lists so users can keep the public from seeing their Twitter list profiles.



How to create a Twitter List

  1. Click your profile icon on Twitter to log in.
  2. Choose Lists from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Create a list. Create a new list by clicking Create a new list.
  4. Enter a name and any additional information for your list. The name of your list must be 25 characters or fewer, and it can’t start with a number. A description can have a total length of up to 100 characters.
  5. Select whether to make your list public or the list private. Anyone on Twitter can see and join your list if it’s public. If it’s private, only you will be able to view it.

After you’ve created a new list, you’ll be taken to a page where it’s possible to add others to it. There are three methods for adding individuals:

  1. First, look for a person’s name, username or email address.
  2. Select any user and then choose Add or remove from lists from the drop-down menu on your Following page.
  3. Next, go to any user’s profile page, click the three dots symbol, and pick Add or Remove From Lists.

You can add or delete people from your Twitter lists at any time using the options these options.

To access your lists, log in to your account and click on the profile symbol. If you don’t see your new list right away, try refreshing the page and clearing your cache.

Make the most of Twitter lists.

Twitter lists are a free feature on the platform that allows you to monitor accounts more precisely than the general feed allows. Use them for keeping all your fitness posts and accounts in one easy to maintain place.


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