About Karissa

Hello everyone, I’m Karissa and I have been active ever since I was a little girl.

I am not the average girl by any means and I am very competitive when it comes to sports of any kind. My favorite sport to play is Fast-pitch Softball, and my favorite sport to watch is Football (but I can watch ANY sport that’s on TV).

How I Began My Fitness Journey…

I have always been fit, but it helped to play sports growing up. Someone was always making me workout so I didn’t have to push myself as much. I played softball at Tarleton State University, and after I finished I didn’t workout for a while because I had no one to push me anymore.

Then one day I decided to start working out again, and man was it hard! I had to learn to push myself and make a change, but I achieved my goals and so can you!

After I received my Master’s Degree in Kinesiology when I was 23, I started working as a Fitness Professional. I now work as a Chiropractic Assistant teaching patients rehab exercises to improve involuntary muscles around their spine. I know an abundance about exercise and what it takes to be successful. There is very knowledgeable information on this site because it is my passion, and I want to do everything I can to help you reach your goals! I understand how hard it can be to eat healthy and exercises regularly, because you have to push yourself and not give in to temptation. I believe in you, so let’s hit those goals together!

If you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion, please leave a comment below! I strongly encourage it. 🙂

If you would like to make your own website like mine and make money doing it click here. It is the best a fastest way I have found to promote my business and make money online. Anyway, I wish you the best on your fitness endeavors, and thanks for dropping by!

Live Well and Live On,


Founder of athometotalfitness.com

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  1. Hi Karissa.
    Your site is Excellent. Clearly gathered most available information on detailed topics. And necessary links to find more.
    I’m very well impressed by your Presentation. This is good sample how and why information most consumers are looking for, has to be prepared.
    Congratulation. Excellent Job.

  2. I can see your very active. Good for you. Picked a great field to get into. I really like your site. Colorful and great information you leave fork there to read. Much success to you!

  3. You’ve created a very strong website, Karissa. Congratulations! What percentage would you say WA contributed to the appearance and layout?

    1. Thank you very much James,

      I got the theme idea from someone who raved about it on WA, and I fell in love with it. Anytime I had a question or a problem with my theme, I would just ask on the live chat and different people would chime in to help me figure it out.

      I chose the pictures, colors, and widgets I wanted to use. But I got all my ideas from WA. So I would say WA contributed about 75% of my appearance and layout.

      Thanks for the comment,

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