Best Leg Workout Exercises

The Best Leg Workout Exercises

These exercises work all of the muscles in your legs (there are a lot).

One Leg Squat – 10 on each leg (Sit on a bench, stick one leg out straight and then stand up on the other leg by itself)Step box

Glute Bridge – 10 (Lay on a mat, bend your knees, lift your hips off the ground, then bring them back down. You can also hold one leg up and only use one leg to lift up your hips to make it more challenging)

Deadlift – 10 (Have feet shoulder width apart, hold a bar or dumbbells in front of your legs, bend down keeping your back straight and chest up with your knees bent, then push through your heels and stand up straight)

Backward Lunges – 10 on each leg (Step back and lunge on one leg, then stand up and bring your knee to your chest. 10 reps on one leg at a time)

Step Ups – 10 on each leg (Step up on a box)

Side Lunges – 10 on each leg (Step to one side and squat, but keep the other leg straight, then push off and stand back up)Kettle Bell

Kettle Bell Swings – 20 (Hold a kettle bell in front of you with your legs a little more than shoulder width apart. Bend down and keep your back straight with your knees slightly bent, then thrust your hips forward as you stand. It is kind of like a deadlift, but you swing the kettle bell. It is all in your hips, not your shoulders)

Visit the Strength Training page for more information on the equipment for these best leg workout exercises.

Foam roll before and stretch after the workout! For an example click here.

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