Blue Apron Review – Is It Any Good?

Name: Blue Apron


Price: $59.94 for the 2-person plan, and 69.92-$139.84 for the family plan (depending on how many meals you want per week)

What is Blue Apron?Blue Apron recipes

Blue Apron is a nutrition program and delivery service that sends you a box of pre-portioned meal ingredients with recipes, which takes the guess work out of it. You get FRESH fruits, vegetables, protein, and spices to cook an amazing healthy meal! It is great for busy weeknight meals and to shake up your cooking routine. I’m sure you are like most Americans (including me), and some days you just want to put everything on auto pilot. You know, when you just don’t have the time or energy to come up with a menu for dinner.

Pros vs. Consblue apron ingredients


  • You get fresh ingredients with no artificial flavors or additives
  • There are EASY to read and understand instructions for how to cook
  • They have generous portions that could potentially feed more than it says


  • They do not offer any meal choices (you can only look up what is available that day, but you can skip a day)
  • You cannot change anything on the menu for that day (like if you want steak instead of pork)

What Do You Get?

Each 2-person kit contains all the ingredients you need to cook three meals (each feeds 2 people), with a recipe and step-by-step instructions AND photos. Blue Apron also offers a family plan to feed 4 and 6 people, as well as a choice of meat/fish or vegetarian meal plans. They offer delivery times between 8am – 8pm or 6pm – 8pm. Whatever fits your schedule the best.

Blue Apron has the next weeks menu on their site a week in advance, so you have the opportunity to see if you like the menu before you order it. You also have the option to have WINE delivered to your house on a monthly basis, and they are meant to compliment each meal. Nothing goes better with a good protein than a great wine to bring out the flavor. However, I would suggest you drink red wine instead of white wine, because red wine is better for you!

The meals come neatly packaged in a cardboard box, lined with ice packs to keep the ingredients fresh. The meat packaged in the box are vacuum sealed, so you can keep them a little longer before you have to use them. This is convenient if something happens last minute and you have to cook the meal later. Each recipe is well explained and every single ingredient is included, except for maybe some olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Is it Easy to Understand?

Since they include EVERYTHING you need, making dinner is just as easy as ordering it. I love that you can plan ahead with this system instead of doing spur of the moment cooking, and you can make sure you like what you are going to cook. The recipes aren’t incredibly creative, but it is still fun trying a new take on dishes you may have cooked before.

The step-by-step photos that came with the recipes showed MAJOR steps in the cooking process, and each started with instructions on how to prep all the ingredients before you begin to cook.

Blue Apron automatically enrolls their customers in a weekly delivery plan, and you have the option to skip as many deliveries as as you want with no extra cost. The recipes are also free for anyone to look at on their website, which means they are not for paying customers only.

How Much Does Blue Apron Cost?

There are two plans you can choose from, the 2-person plan (serves 2) and the family plan (serves 4). The portions in both of the plans are very generous, and can even be eaten as left overs. There are also kitchen utensils, wine glasses/corkscrews, different spices to cook with, cook books, as well as pots and pans that you can buy on the site needed to cook each meal. They have knives, a cutting board, a strainer, spoons, graders, a peeler, bowls, a pepper grinder, etc. They also sell blue aprons, which I thought was fun!

  • The 2-person plan – $59.94 for 3 recipes per weekblue apron 2-person plan
  • Family Plan – $69.92 for 2 recipes per week and $139.84 for 4 recipes per weekblue apron family plan
  • Wine – $65.99 – Each delivery includes six 500ml bottles, there is no commitment, and you can skip or cancel any delivery

Final Thought

Overall, Blue Apron impressed me with the organized packaging, clear and easy to follow recipes, and different menus. While I won’t be using it on a weekly basis, I do enjoy checking out what’s on the menu for the week, browsing all the recipes, and ordering periodically.

This is FANTASTIC for people that are always on the go or just simply do not want to think about what to cook for lunch or dinner. Blue Apron makes it fast, easy, and delicious.

Visit the Supplements page for information on how to supplement your diet with these healthy meals. They are VERY important!

If you have any questions or have had experience with Blue Apron, please leave a comment below!

Live Well and Live On,


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  1. Hi there!
    I really enjoyed reading this article, we have a similar program here in australia and its really an amazing and healthy thing that more people should utilize.
    regarding the article i thought it was really well laid out and structured made it easy to read and informative with good visuals to help.
    keep up the good work!

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