EQualizer Bars – Easy To Use At Home

What Are The EQualizer Bars ?

The EQualizer Bars are a set of 2 hurdle looking bars that you can use to do MANY different exercises with. You can work all the muscles in your body by just using your body weight. They come in yellow as well as white. I first saw this exercise equipment on TV, and I thought it was amazing. I love when you can get a complete workout by just using your body weight, because it puts less pressure on your bones and joints. You WILL be able to build muscle and lose weight while doing body weight exercises (it’s more natural).

Of course, you will still have to eat healthy or you will not see results very fast. But this equipment will help you maintain a healthy physical lifestyle.

Features and Exercises

This equipment will help you build better balance, build core stability, and build upper body strength (especially in the arms, shoulder, chest and upper back).

EQualizer uses the bars in many of their free videos. You can use it to modify your workouts, activate different muscle groups, and make the most out of a small space for our workouts. The EQualizer Bars support even the heaviest of competitors.  The rubber bumper end caps provide a stable footing.

They also come with a limited lifetime warranty against broken welds and manufacturer defects.

Here are just a few exercises you can do with the EQualizer Bars, the exercises are endless…

  • Tricep Dips (for chest and triceps)
  • Oblique Tucks (for lower abs)
  • Mountain Climbers (for total core and hip flexors)
  • Inner Thigh Lift (for adductors)
  • Elevated Leaning Push-ups (for chest and back)
  • Kick Over Lunges (for quads, butt, and hip flexors)
  • Side Plank (for love handles and abs)
  • Bent Over Rows (for biceps and back)
  • Front Shoulder Raise (for shoulders)
  • Lying Pull-up (for biceps and back)
  • Squat Raise (for hamstrings and shoulders)
  • Single Leg Lunge (for full leg)
  • Elevated Glute Bridge (for butt)

Who Are The EQualizer Bars For?

The EQualizer Bars are ideal for gymnastic and body weight movements. They can increase your core strength tremendously, and your core is, in my opinion, the most important muscle to strengthen in your body (for everyone). Anyone can use it since it can hold an extreme amount of weight.

Another thing I really like about the EQualizer Bars is that they are very portable and light. You can take them with you if you want to teach a fitness class or just workout at the park. You can also store them in a small space in your house, because they are very thin.

How Much Do The EQualizer Bars Cost?

You can buy The EQualizer Bars here for less than they charge on their website! Compared to other forms of fitness equipment they are cheaper and you can do more with them.

There are other similar EQualizer Bars, however the cheaper ones are not as durable. And I recommend you use the EQualizer Bars because I do not want them to break on you or result in injury. There are also some more expensive ones, but I would not want you to pay for them if you can get them cheaper and at the same quality.

Final Thought

If you are looking for exercise equipment for your home, this would be the best all-in-one equipment you can buy. You can even do back-to-back exercises for cardio. You can make modifications as needed, depending on your level of fitness. But anyone can benefit from these EQualizer Bars! There is no longer a need to go to the gym and use tons of equipment, this is all the equipment you need!

If you have any questions about these EQualizer Bars or would like more information about the exercises, please leave me a comment below and I will be sure to help you! Be sure to warm up and stretch before any workout, and foam roll after!

Live Well and Live On,


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  1. I purchased these, however I would like to know where I can purchase full set workout DVD’s for this equipment

    I know sweatflex is out there however it is very confusing, very time consuming to pick out a workout and sometimes while clicking on video there are long pauses and delays or they are simply talking too much and not starting the exercises

    Your guidance is much appreciated

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