Fitness Workout at Home

Below is a fitness workout at home that you can do to improve strength and endurance!

Do 3-4 sets of these exercises

One Leg Squats – Sit on  a bench or chair, with one foot on the ground and hold the other out straight. Try not to touch the ground with the foot you have raised, but if you need to then you can. Then simply stand. Do 10 on each leg.Adjustable dumbbells 5-52.5 lbs

Push Ups – Regular push ups on your feet or knees. Don’t let your butt sink, and don’t raise it high in the air. Keep your body straight. Do 10 of these.

SB Shoulder Press w/DB – Sit on a Stability Ball, hold Dumbbells in easch hand, and press them up. Do 10 of these.

BoSu Sit Up – Lay on a BoSu with the middle of your back in the middle of the ball. Your butt will be barely on the ball. Atretch all the way back and then sit up. Hold a Dumbbell to increase intensity. Do 10 of these.

Backward Lunges – Start with feet together, then step back with one foot into a lunge. Come back up and lift your knee up to your chest without touching the ground, then step back again. It should be one swift motion. Do 10 on each leg.

DB Bent Rows – Take Dumbbells in each hand, bend over so your back it parallel with the floor, then pull the weights up. Keep you elbows in. Do 10 of these.

Leg Raises (Reverse Crunch) – Lay on a mat with your legs out straight, then lift them up. You can put your hands under your butt if need be. To increase intensity lift your butt off the ground when you come up, and to make it easier, bend your legs and just bring your knees to your chest. Do 10 of these.

Visit the Strength Training page for more information on the equipment on this fitness workout at home.

Foam roll before or after the workout! For an example click here.

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  1. A great read on fitness at home – thoroughly enjoyed it!
    I like the fitness regimes you have covered here but I’d like to ask you about a fitness passion of mine that is slightly different – running!
    Do you feel that the home-based exercise like squats etc are ever up to the standard of common road running? I only ask as I see huge results from my distance running but not so much from the crunches etc?

    1. Well to be honest I don’t do crunches. Planks are the best ab exercise, and if you do sit ups you want to make sure you expand your abs all the way back and then sit up. You can also do Russian Twists and Lag Raises. These will help with your abs better.

      As far as squats go, if you run a lot you will need to add more weight to your squats to see better results. That along with weighted Lunges are the best way to go. You will be surprised how much weight training can improve your running.

      Interval Training can also improve your endurance.

  2. This is a great article with simple workout ideas! I’m a college student, and I’ve found myself a lot more motivated to work out in my dorm than to go all the way to the gym to work out. I’ve done some of the strength training exercises here, but one of the things I’ve been focusing on lately is core strength, so I’ve been do lots of planks!

  3. This is helpful for individuals who do not have a lot of time on their hands. I like that this is a full body workout, and do not seem that difficult to do actually.

    Also, being a full body workout, you would not take too much time with the entire workout. One question, though, if I do not have a stability ball, is there an alternative?

    1. They are pretty inexpensive and you can find them on my Strength Training page.

      However there are modifications if you do not want to buy one. You can just do the exercise without it (sit on a chair instead of the ball, etc.). But they are GREAT for balance , stability, and posture

  4. Great home workout. Being in the army I already do exercise on a daily basis, but this is a great workout for anyone trying to get into the swing of things. I also suggest a killer ab workout called “hollow rocks” they really get the abs going and strengthen the core! Great post!

  5. Thanks for this fitness workout at home. It sounds really simple to do, even if you are short on time.
    I am one that struggles to find the time to workout. I’ve tried early mornings, but I just can’t seem to get up early every day (I’m not a morning person). Then after work, I’m just so tired from the day, and by the time I’ve got the kids organised for bedtime, I just don’t feel like working out that late.

    Do you have any tips on getting motivated to work out? Is it better to work out in the morning, evening, or during the day.

    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the comment Andrew! The only tip I have is to wake up early and workout. That’s what I do, and it is way better than having to workout after a long day. I’m not a morning person either, but after I workout I feel like a morning person. You don’t have to do it everyday, just start with twice a week, the next 3 times a week. Work your way up, and your body will get used to it. Try to get motivation from friends/family, and keep telling yourself you want to be better!

      – Karissa

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