Juice Plus Review – Does It Work?

Name: Juice Plus

Website: juiceplus.com

Founder: Jay Martin

What Is Juice Plus?

Juice Plus is whole food based nutrition It has juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables, and grains. Juice Plus helps you get the nutrients you should be having every day, since they are not usually in the foods you normally eat. It is not a multivitamin, a medicine, or a treatment/cure for diseases. It is supposedly made from quality ingredients that is carefully monitored all the way from the farm. Here I will give you my review, and whether or not you should use Juice Plus.

Juice Plus was introduced in 1993, when most scientists and health professionals were only beginning to understand the importance of whole food nutrition. However, you cannot use this as your ONLY source of fruits and vegetables, you still need to eat them!


Do You Need Juice Plus?

Everyone wants to eat right and maintain a healthier lifestyle, no matter who you are. However, maintaining a balanced nutrition is a challenge for most people. You are supposed to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, but most people, for example, just eat a bowl of spaghetti to fill themselves up. Eating healthy takes time, planning, and can cost a lot of money. Hardly anyone gets the daily fruit and vegetables they need in a day. Juice Plus has lots of vitamins and antioxidants to help with those missing fruits and vegetables.

The chewables are great for children, because we all know how hard it is for them to get all the fruits and vegetable they need.

Juice Plus Products and Ingredients

Juice Plus Complete can help make it easier for you to achieve a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. They have shakes and nutrition bars, making it easy to get consume if you are in a time crunch and don’t have time to cook. The shake mixes and nutrition bars have the nutrients, protein, and fibers of whole foods to provide you with energy throughout the day. They are great if you need a quick breakfast or a healthy snack.

 How Much Does Juice Plus Cost?




Juice Plus Scam – Virtual Franchise

Juice Plus has created their own virtual franchise, where you can get some training to learn how to promote these products and make money form it. You can sell the products by yourself, or you can create a team (which is a form of MLM, Multi-Level Marketing). You have to make a small initial investment to get started promoting it (kind of like Kyani, or Herbalife).                                                                                          Juice Plus virtual Franchise                       Juice Plus virtual Franchise

Final Thought

I would definitely try the products before you think about getting into the business of making money with it. It can be a hard road, and you need to watch out for MLM companies because most of the time they provide a false hope.

All in all I think this is a good product, especially if you are having a lot of trouble getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is basically just another supplement, like so many others out there, but it can be beneficial. I personally do not use Juice Plus, I use something similar called dynamic greens. It gives you 20 servings of fruits and vegetables in a small scoop, and I drink it with my protein in the morning for breakfast.

If you have any questions or have had experience with Juice Plus, please leave a comment below!

Live Well and Live On,


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  1. Hi, I clicked on your page and for some reason i couldn’t get to your site.. not sure if i am doing something wrong. Your total fitness at home site looks great though. Hopefully i am able to access it. I also have my page dedicated to fitness and would love to see how everyone else in a similar area has set their page up

    1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. But you are more than welcome to visit my site for information about fitness..

      I love comparing and researching other sites similar to mine as well. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them 🙂


  2. Thanks for the review on this product. I’ve not heard of this supplement before, but I feel like you answered all my questions. I was just wondering how you knew it tasted good without trying it yourself?

    I appreciate the shake mix has only natural sweeteners and no sugar and also it’s gluten free! I must be hungry right now because the tart cherry, honey, and dark chocolate, fig nutrition bar sounds really good! 🙂

    1. Lol thanks Jackie,

      I have just heard from friends and other reviews that it tastes good. Recently I did try it, and I like it WAY better than other healthy products! 🙂

  3. It is so hard to choose what products to add to your daily diet these days. Juice Plus looks like something I would actually like to try. Once I can afford to add it to my diet I will definitely be coming your way to add this to my daily meals. Thank you for the great article!

  4. Hi Karissa,
    This post is really helpful since I was recently planning on investing on one of these juicers and see if they actually would be a great investment or it would just end up in one corner of the house.
    After reading your review I’m definitely going to give it a try and see how it helps! Thanks.

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