Ladder Workout – How Do They Benefit You?

What is a Ladder Workout?

A ladder workout gets easier as you progress through the workout, but it starts out really difficult. You can go down the ladder and stop, or you can go back up as well to get an even better workout! You start with high reps or a longer amount of time, then work your way down by making the reps/time smaller each time.

Here is an example of a ladder workout. You will get a 30 second rest in between each set, and you can also switch up the exercises to fit your needs if you have knee or back problems. I will provide a few modifications. If this workout is too hard for you, there are many other workouts here that you CAN do!


Warm Up – 30 Seconds each

  • Walking Toe Touches (take a step and bend down to touch your toe, alternate)
  • Knee Up Twists (while standing bring one knee to the opposite elbow, alternate)
  • Squat Kick (squat, steand, then kick one leg up, then squat, stand, and kick the other leg up)
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Butt Kicks (while standing bend your knee back to try and kick your butt, the faster the better)

HIIT Ladder WorkoutBurpees

60 Sec – Flutter Kicks (lay on your back and flutter your legs up and down, this works your lower abs)
60 Sec – High Knees (bring your knee to your chest and alternate, the faster the better)
60 Sec – Burpees (do push-ups for a modification)
60 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

50 sec – Flutter Kicks
50 Sec – High Knees
50 Sec – Burpees
50 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

40 Sec – Flutter Kicksimage
40 Sec – High Knees
40 Sec – Burpees
40 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

30 Sec – Flutter Kicks
30 Sec – High Knees
30 Sec – Burpee
30 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

20 Sec – Flutter Kicks
20 Sec – High Knees
20 Sec – Burpees
20 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

10 Sec – Flutter Kicks
10 Sec – High Knees
10 Sec – Burpees
10 Sec – Jumping Jacks
20 Sec – Rest

This is about a 20 minute workout, and you can either stop at the end or go back up to make it longer. You can also do this workout with strength training exercises, like pull-ups, sit-ups, lunges, etc. Or you can do intervals on the treadmill by printing for 1 min, rest 20 seconds, then sprint for 45 seconds, and so on. There are modifications for everything, so if you need any help just leave a comment below and I will be glad to help!

In a workout like this you are pushed to your limit, and working on your anaerobic threshold. However, it is totally doable because it gets easier as you go and your get frequent breaks. You can only do this workout for the day, or you can do it after your strength training if you have the energy. This type of workout burns TONS of calories, and you burn even more after. Studies have shown that your body will burn calories for up to 24-48 hours after a workout like this.

ALWAYS stretch and get at least 20-30 grams of protein after your workouts!

Foam roll before and stretch after the workout! For an example click here.

For more information and my recommended equipment, check out the Cardio Training and Strength Training pages.

Live Well and Live On,


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