Complete Multivitamin

Why Take Multivitamins?

These days no one on this Earth gets enough vitamins and minerals in their daily diet, no matter how well you are eating. Even if we eat enough fruits and vegetables, the soil that the fruits and vegetables are grown from have about 1/8 of the vitamins and minerals it used to have in it back in the 1900’s.

We need to supplement our diets!

What Multivitamins Do I Take?

There are millions of multivitamins out there on the market, but there is ONLY ONE that I take and it is the absolute BEST out of all of them!

These are the GNC’s Mega Men Multivitamin and GNC’s Women’s Ultra Mega Multivitamin. There are no chemicals or preservatives being used when they make them, and they start with the most bio-active forms of vitamins and minerals — built to support active lifestyles and performance athletes alike.


They absorb in your body better than regular pills.

What Do Multivitamins Do? – How Much Do They Cost?


It has superior absorption for daytime energy, restful sleep, and high performance. They have antioxidants, support bone health, promote calorie burning, and have everything you need to lose weight and stay healthy.

The best way to avoid nausea when taking multivitamins is to eat before you take the pills. The sooner you start taking them, the better you will start to feel!

If you have trouble getting enough fruits and vegetables, then you NEED a multivitamin to help you get all the nutrients you need for a healthy body. If your body is not healthy then you will always feel sluggish, have no energy, have digestive problems, and many other things.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about these complete multivitamins! 🙂

Live Well and Live On,


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  1. Great article! It was really informational. I had no idea even through a healthy diet you’re still not getting all of the vitamins you should be getting daily. I like that you included that you have a Master’s in Kinesiology, that makes me trust in your opinion more and I’m sure everyone else will feel the same way.

  2. Hey!

    Nice article, I’m running out of multi vitamin gummies and am considering these. I’m sort of active, but haven’t worked out in over a month.

    The fact that there are no chemicals and preservatives in them is good. Could you go into further depth about the bio-active properties of this supplement, or why there’s such a hefty price tag on it?

    My multi’s were around 18-20 bucks. Anything you could do to clarify more in detail why these are more expensive would be appreciated..

    Great website by the way.. Looks very professional..


    1. Hello Stu,

      Well it is a little higher in price only because it can absorb better than any other multivitamins, and by taking two different pills (the AM and PM) you get more of the vitamins and minerals you need throughout the day. Other multivitamins do not have as much nutritional value.

      Bio-active just implies that they use them so it will have an affect on the living organisms, tissues, and cells within your body (as apposed to not having an affect). They only use the nutrients that will actually help and affect change.

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        I have this site bookmarked and will heavily consider these as my next multi-vitamin.

        Keep up the great work,


  3. Thanks for this, I had no idea that there are less naturally occurring nutrients in the soil these days but it makes sense, lol! Does that mean less nutrients in our vegetables as well? Makes me feel more open to taking supplements. I already take fish oil and vitamin D, but haven’t found a multivitamin that I liked. I love the idea of having it formulated for day and night though, when your body has different needs.

    1. Absolutely!

      There ARE less nutrients in vegetables these days as well. I would suggest you take Dynamic Greens which is another supplement on my Supplements page. It gives you 20 servings of fruits and vegetables in one scoop, and you can have one scoop a day.

      It is great that you take fish oil because you need that to help with inflammation and brain function.

      Try this multivitamin and let me know what you think. There is also a Women’s Multivitamin that you can try that is a little cheaper, but this one is the best!

      1. Thanks Karissa, I’ll check it out! I definitely agree that fish oil helps with brain function and inflammation. Anytime I forget to take it for a few days I start to get lethargic and bloated.

  4. Great post! My Family is always asking why I take so many pills etc and it usually looks unhealthy, but its for health reasons. I am a competitive athletes so I must replenish my body with nutrients.

    Anyways I like your short post, It is really informative and I enjoyed reading it:) thanks for the good read!

    Thad – Gymbulk fitness

  5. Very informative, I know that sometimes our moods will actually change based on certain vitamins that we are lacking, There are actually a lot of holistic uses for vitamins, and I definitely agree that vitamins are absolutely essential. Have you ever heard of Juice Plus? Its supposedly a supplement that provides most of the nutrients you need throughout the day in 2 pills. It would be cool if you did a review on it.


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