Older Adult Activity

What is The Big DEAL About Staying Active, and Why is Older Adult Activity Important!?

There are many reasons for adults to keep moving into the later years in life. For one example, it has been proven that older adults who are physically active have more Old couplevariable brain activity at rest than those who are not active. Researchers say brain variability is associated with greater cognitive function. Cognitive function constitutes the ability to work with information in a meaningful way, apply information that has already been gained, perform preferential changes, and the ability for someone to change opinions about that information. As we get older, our memory and our brains can diminish if we do not use them.

It’s like when an astronaut goes up in space for a few months, and when he comes back he has to remember how to use his legs because he hasn’t needed them for so long. If you do not use your legs they become weak and useless, just like your brain if you do not use it. Being physically active improves the function of your brain so you can use it better for solving every day tasks.

Here is The “Sciency” Part

There has always been a link established between physical activity, cardio-PET_scan-normal_brain-alzheimers_disease_brainrespiratory fitness, and brain function. But there was a recent study that focused on determining the effects of any amount of physical activity (light, moderate, or vigorous) on neural function. There was proof that cardio-respiratory fitness can fluctuate blood oxygen levels in the brain over time, which affects brain activity at rest.

So older adults who are more physically active, whether is it light or vigorous, have better brain function than older adults who are less active. There is white-matter brain structure in all of us that carries impulses to your brain to help you use it, and that matter is healthier when you are more active.Grandparents

So if you want your brain to keep working efficiently as you get older, you need to be more physically active. It will help you stay around longer for your closest friends, and family as well. Physical activity along with Omega-3 Fish Oil can also help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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