Peloton Cycle Review – The Best Indoor Cycle

What is the Peloton Cycle?

The Peloton Cycle was launched in 2013 by John Foley. Within the first few months of its launch, Peloton Cycle had raised more than $300,000 on Kickstarter (one of the packages), passing their goal of $250,000.

In May 2014, Peloton opened a studio in New York City. This studio is where Peloton films all its classes. A team of  professionals broadcast footage to Peloton bikes across America while some of the best spin trainers work in front of four HD cameras and a classroom of participants. These cameras provide sweeping footage of the coaches and of the other individuals in the room.

Today, they are shipping Peloton bikes across the United States, and have sold thousands of units. In the future, the company hopes to expand to Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world.

The term “Peloton” refers to “the main pack of riders in a road race.” The name is meant to evoke a kind of group spirit or energy, just like what you feel when you go to a spin class.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Live streaming classes with some of the best trainers in New York City that can motivate youPeloton classes
  • You can record classes or look them up on demand
  • It feels like you are in the classroom
  • You can interact with friends
  • There is a leaderboard with thousands of members
  • There is a 21.5” 1080p Multi-touch, Sweat-resistant Tablet
  • 30 day return policy


  • No fore/aft position on the handlebars, and they are not ergonomically correct
  • No guaranteed part or labor warranty
  • Poly V Smooth Belt (Poly V belts stretch over time, and use tensions instead of actual teeth in the belt like a chain)
  • Not a heavy duty Bottom Bracket
  • You are forced to pay $250 for assembly
  • There are special shoes you have to buy with it
  • The Price is a total of more than $3,000 (I will explain below)
  • Console costs over $750 to replace when warranty runs out

How Does The Peloton Bike Work?

You hop on the bike whenever you need a workout. On the screen you can choose to join a live spin class that is in session, or select a class from a catalog of “on demand” spin classes which were previously filmed.

If you are in New York, you can actually visit the Peloton studio and join spin classes while trying out the bike for yourself. The music is pumping, the trainer is yelling motivational lines at you, and you can see average people working hard in the corners of the room.

The best part is you don’t need to leave your house or dress up to join the class and get a good workout. If you don’t like the spin instructor, then you can pick a new one from the menu. You can’t do that with ordinary spin classes.

How Much Does the Peloton Cycle Cost?

 The basics

The Peloton Cycle costs $1,995. However, you also have to pay $39/month ($468/year) for a subscription in order to continually have access to all of the spin classes. That subscription includes unlimited streaming rides, both live and on-demand. It also includes unlimited accounts for your friends, family, and whoever else wants to take the bike for a spin.

There is also a set up fee of $250 that is required, and you have to buy special shoes ($125) that only fit the Peloton. However, you can use regular shoes but they will not lock into the pedal. The total of everything comes out to over $3,000 including tax.

There are also packages you can get for more accessories and discounts:The works

  • Basic Package ($149): A pair of Peloton shoes, a set of two small dumbbells, and headphones.
  • The Works Package ($229): Includes a pair of Peloton shoes, a set of two small dumbbells, headphones, a heart rate monitor, and a bike mat to be placed under your bike when you ride.

Who is the Peloton Cycle for?

It’s targeted towards people who are willing to make an investment in their personal health and want to have a cycle class in their home. The price is steep, but you own the bike for life. You can make the decision if it is worth it.

It is for people who want to exercise and enjoy the energy of spin classes, but don’t like taking the time, energy, and effort to actually go to the gym.

Peloton Cycle Support

The support provided by Peloton has gotten some pretty bad reviews. One review stated they were supposed to get the Peloton in 3 weeks, but after the 3 weeks there was no cycle and they could not get a hold of support.

However, there are also reviews stating that the Peloton is “the best bike out there,” and “it is the best investment you will ever make.”

Final Thought

My suggestion is that you try it out for yourself, and if it is not for you then you can return it within 30 days.

However, you will be charged a shipping fee of $250 or more depending on where you live, and you cannot return the accessories. You can also only return the shoes if they have not been worn yet, and only within 14 days. If it is an in-store and online returns have to be returned within 14 days.

Be careful with this guys!

Here Is The Cycle I Recommend You Purchase!

For affordable exercise bikes and other equipment visit my Cardio Training and Strength Training pages. If you have any questions or have tried this product, please leave a comment below!

Live Well and Live On,


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  1. Interesting criticism, which essentially parrots Jeff Wimmer’s StudioCycles run down. Of course StudioCycles markets and sells other spin bikes and should be fairly considered a competitor….

    My question if you or anyone knows – what makes the handlebars “ergonomically incorrect”. Yes I understand they have not fore/aft adjustment – some spin bikes have that feature, some don’t. But from photos the design of the handlebars on the Peloton appears pretty close if not identical to those on the trademarked Spin Bikes, along with quite a number of other bikes recommended and sold by StudioCycles.

    1. They can only be “incorrect” if it is not positioned where it should be, based on your height, length of arms, etc. If it is too low/high or too far out/too close, then it could be uncomfortable. It could also cause injuries if you are not in a comfortable position.

      Thanks for the comment!

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