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The Best Running Accessories for Men and Women

There are hundreds of accessories and gadgets out there that are dedicated to running. Here I have developed a list of the best things to use when trying to successfully complete a day of cardio, and you can find some for you no matter your gender or age!

Best Running Headphones: Jaybird BlueBuds X2

Jaybirds bluebuds x2

It is a Bluetooth headphone, which means it is wireless. I have used many kinds of headphones, but the Jaybird Bluebuds X has the best sound quality and battery life. It is the easiest to connect to your phone, and it is even sweat resistant.

They are not cheap, but they will be the last headphones you will ever buy!

Best Running Belt: Flipbelt


I never really thought I needed a running belt, but without it I have no where to put my keys, ID, cash, phone, etc. Unless you wear baggy pants when you run and have pockets for all of those things, then you might not need one. But if you are like most people, you wear light shorts or some tight pants to go running in, so this can come in handy.

The Flipbelt is an elastic band that fits snug around your waist, and has four longitudinal holes in the middle. You can slide your things in very easily,and they don’t bounce, move around, or bother you while you run. It’s not expensive at all, and it’s the most sold running accessory on Amazon.

Best Running Shoe Laces: Lock Laces

Lock Laces

This is the best thing you can get for your running shoes!

They are simple to use. You just remove the laces from your running shoes and replace them with the Lock Laces. You put the end of the laces in the locking mechanism, let a couple of inches of laces fall out, and cut off the excess. Then you pull the locking mechanism until your feet fit snugly. That’s it!

The laces are elastic, and they will never come untied again while you are running.

Best Running Safety Lights: Apace Vision LED Safety Lights

Apace Vision LED Safety Lights

If you run early in the morning or late at night, then you need to have a set of lights. It is very important to be seen by traffic, because it can be dangerous if someone doesn’t see you.

This is my favorite LED light solution. It is not very expensive and it has 2 safety lights, 2 extra batteries, 2 velcro straps, and 1 mini screwdriver. You just need one on the front, and one on the back of your cycle or your body.

Best Running Phone Armband: Annex Quad Lock Sports Armband


Do you run with your phone? Well then you know that those cheap armbands DO NOT work, and break easily.

This Annex Quad Lock Sports Armband is made WAY better! It has the armband, and a phone case (a plastic piece you stick on your existing case if you don’t have a compatible phone). All you do is click the case onto the armband, and it’s on. It is safe, sturdy, and can be easily removed.

You can also get the same thing for your bike, so you can secure it to your bike as well.

Best Running Water Bottle: Hydration Pack

Hydration water backpack

I have tried many ways to be able to stay hydrated during my run. I hate carrying water bottles while I run, and I hate having to stop a get my water bottle out of my bag to get a drink.

This is all solved with the Hydration Pack. It holds 1.5 liters of water, and you can carry it on your back. This can add intensity to your run by adding a small weight, but you can also drink the water while you run!

You can even add amino acids or UCAN in it to help improve you run and help you recover.

Best Running Heart Rate Monitor: Garmin Vivoactive 3

The Garmin Vivoactive 3is the BEST all-in-one heart rate monitor on the market today. I even saw it on the Biggest Loser this past season.

This watch can monitor your sleep and count your steps. It has GPS, and you can swim, cycle, run, and even golf with it. It can monitor your heart rate only if you have a Scosche (an arm band) to connect to it. You can record your workouts on the watch, and then download the information to the Garmin Connect App. It is super simple and really fun to see your results.

If you have any questions about running accessories or feel like I have left out a very important accessory, please leave a comment below!

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