Squeezed Online Juice Cleanse – Does it Really Work AND Taste Good?

Squeezed Online Review

Hey friends! Today I am going to be reviewing the Juice products created by Squeezed Online. They have a detox juice cleanse that people are raving about, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Let’s check it out! But first, let’s make sure everyone understands what a detox juice cleanse is!

What is a Detox?

A detox is something you can do to help clean out your body, and it’s good to do it at least twice a year. If you think you don’t need it, think about this; would you stop changing the oil in your car? No, because your car would break down and it would cost a lot to get it fixed. The same goes for your body, if you don’t clean it out something could go wrong (you could get sick, damage your organs, etc.) and you would have to go to the doctor to feel better. Let’s face it, as a society, we do not eat healthy. Even when we try to make smarter eating choices, it’s always easier to stop by a fast food place on the way home so you don’t have to cook after a long days work. This is why we have to cleanse our bodies. Detox’s help you clean out your organs (liver, kidneys, intestines) so your body will feel better, have more energy, and live a longer life.

How Do Detox Juice Cleanses Work?

There are many types of detox’s, but most people tend to like juice cleanses. In detox’s you usually cut out dairy, sugar, and caffeine (and other things depending on the detox) from your diet for a week or two. This flushes out all the things your body has absorbed from the bad foods. In a juice cleanse all you do is drink different types of juices throughout the day (for breakfast lunch and dinner). Going through a detox is not going to be easy if you have never done it before. Your body will be shocked because it is so used to you eating unhealthy foods. You may feel nauseous, get headaches, and have irregular bowl movements. Just don’t give up, because it gets worse before it gets better. Sometimes you have to pay for your bad eating habits. However, the more often you do it the easier it gets, because your body gets used to it. Just don’t do it too much, 2-3 times a year is plenty.

Here’s Another Great Juice Cleanse!

What is Squeezed Online?

Squeezed makes juicing MUCH easier. People that have juiced before know it takes a lot of work to juice your own drinks. You have buy a juicer, buy the fruits and veggies, feed them into the juicer, and create different juices you can drink throughout the week. It can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. Squeezed Online offers already made juices that taste good and get the job done. But the question remains, do they REALLY work and taste good?

How Does Squeezed Online Work?

One thing I like about Squeezed Online is the fact that they give two options for their juice cleanse. If you have never juiced before you can click on “Never Been Squeezed,” and if you have you can click on “Squeezed Connoisseur” to find the best juice cleanse for you. This is important because you only need to do what your body can handle. Never Been Squeezed

  • Step 1: You can choose between juices with more fruit content or more vegetable content. The ones with more vegetable content clean you out more.
  • Step 2: This step gives you the option to add spice to your first snack juice of each day, which can help boost your metabolic rate.
  • Step 3: Here you decide how many days you would like to do the juice cleanse for. The options range from 7 days to 1 day. If you just want to try it out, I would choose the 1 day cleanse. If you are a beginner, I would choose the 4 day cleanse. Work your way up to a 7 day cleanse.
  • Step 4: Add cashew milk to get more amino acids. This is mostly for people who workout on a regular basis, but you can add it even if you don’t workout to curve those hunger cravings.
  • Step 5: Make sure everything looks right and checkout. They also give you the option to make your order recurring.

Squeezed Connoisseur

  • Clicking on Squeezed Connoisseur automatically gives you the Squeezed Detox with more fruit content for 7 days, without the spice, but with the cashew milk.

Each day you are on the juice cleanse they give you 5 juices to drink throughout the day. So for a 7 day cleanse you will get 35 juices. Another thing to note is that you should drink lots of water throughout the day while you are on the juices to stay hydrated and keep everything flowing. If you are serious about detoxing your body, you can’t still eat while you are on the juices. If you do a 1 day cleanse, you can only drink the juices that day. Same goes for the 7 day cleanse, you can only drink the juices for the week. You have to be committed. Also, with Squeezed Online you can do the cleanses more often than other detox’s. You can do one week out of each month, or one day out of each week for maintenance.

How Much Does Squeezed Online Cost?

Depending on how many days you want to do the juice cleanse, depends on how much it will cost. Here is a breakdown of all the prices…

  • 1 Day Cleanse – $45 for 5 juices
  • 2 Day Cleanse – $90 for 10 juices
  • 3 Day Cleanse – $135 for 15 juices
  • 4 Day Cleanse – $180 for 20 juices
  • 5 Day Cleanse – $225 for 25 juices
  • 6 Day Cleanse – $270 for 30 juices
  • 7 Day Cleanse – $315 for 35 juices

So basically the juices are $9 each. If you decide to get spice in some of the juices it does not cost anything extra, but if you decide to get the cashew milk with the juices it is an extra $9 per day. It is the same price as a single juice. It is good to have the cashew milk to drink before and after workouts so you don’t get so hungry, or to drink when you are feeling hungry, but you don’t have to have it.

Looking For A Cheaper Way To Detox That Works Well?

A La Carte

Using the A La Carte, you can choose which juices you would like to purchase if you know which ones you want. They show you everything that is in each of them. There are 22 Super Squeezed juices, 4 Spicey Squeezed juices, 6 Sweeter Squeezed juices, 2 Simple Squeezed juices, and 4 Cashew Milk options to choose from. This is great because you can create your own unique set of juices for each day you decide to do the cleanse.

Final Thought

I tried the Squeezed Online Juice Cleanse for a few days, and I would recommend it to all of my family and friends. They all taste surprisingly good. My favorite is the 1A! I drank one for breakfast, then one for a snack before lunch. I was hungry at lunch so I drank the third juice with a little cashew milk. Then I drank one for a snack, worked out, and then had the rest of my cashew milk. At the end of the day I had one for dinner. I felt amazing! I didn’t feel hungry at all and I had loads of energy. I didn’t get any headaches or nausea either, but I don’t drink coffee very much (usually just on the weekends). After doing just one day of the detox, I was 3 pounds lighter! It is normal to lose weight on a detox because the toxins from unhealthy foods get stored in your fat. When you get rid of those toxins some of the fat goes with it.

Squeezed Online makes it easy to detox your body with a juice cleanse, especially for those who don’t have time for anything. It can add up and be a bit pricey, and if it is too expensive for you just do 3 days out of the month (and it doesn’t have to be every month). It will be worth it to be healthier, feel better, and live longer. I would suggest just doing it twice a year.

That being said, there are also MANY other ways you can detox your body. You don’t have to juice if you don’t like it.

If you have any questions or have had experience with Squeezed Online Juice Cleanse, please leave a comment below!

Live Well and Live On,


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    1. Hello Robert,
      Yes if you drink coffee regularly and you cut it out for the cleanse, you may have headaches. It is your body basically going through withdraws from caffeine. Your body depends on it if you drink it every day. However, the more you cut it out the less you will have head aches.
      Also, if you get regular head aches then cutting out caffeine will help get rid of them.
      I hope this helps!

      – Karissa

    1. I don’t know if I would do every other day because your body might not feel great, but I think once a week would be good. Just so you can clean out your body from what you ate that week.

      – Karissa

    1. Hello Lisa,

      They are only high in natural sugar from the fruit, which is not bad for you. You can do a juice cleanse for up to 7 days, even though it does not have protein. You do a cleanse to clean out your body, and your body actually produces some amino acids on its own. So it is perfectly fine to go without protein while you cleanse. Your body will be just fine.

      I hope this helps! 🙂

      – Karissa

      1. That isn’t entirely true. Even if sugar is natural, it can still affect your blood sugar levels. I was actually shocked to see the sugar level in these juices – especially the morning one. I have a family history of diabetes (and have been borderline at times). One of the key things you’re told to avoid is fruit. I had to skip the AM juice, 30 grams of sugar first thing in the morning is just too much.

        1. That is very true and you are completely correct Tracy. If you have diabetes or are borderline, then yes you should be careful with how much sugar you intake (even if it is just fruit). If you are diabetic (or borderline), you should just try the vegetable juices because it is hard to find a fruit juice with not much sugar since they are made to be sweet.

          However, juicing may not be the right type of cleanse for you anyway. You could just do a detox that just requires you to cut out foods that cause inflammation and aren’t good for you. Learn more about a regular detox here!

          – Karissa

    1. I would recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces. You can drink a little more than that if you want to, but not too much more.

      – Karissa

  1. How healthy is a juice cleanse for young adults/teens? Weight loss has been a struggle for our family, but I’m worried that this may be unhealthy for a teenager to try.

    1. It is perfectly fine for teens and young adults. It is all natural and will do absolutely no harm. Just be careful with allergies and sensitivities.

      – Karissa

    1. Sorry about that, I fixed it. For some reason the link wasn’t working. Thank you for letting me know 🙂
      Just click on “Squeezed Online” at the top at it should take you there!

      – Karissa

    1. Just introduce it gradually with some solid fruit and vegetables, maybe a salad. You can also add a little meat to the salad.

      If you eat too much greasy or fried food it might make you feel sick.

      – Karissa

  2. I have tried 3 of the juices so far and the ones with spinach or beets are gross. They’re sweet, but they taste like dirt.

    1. Yea I know what you mean, but I actually like that taste! After you have had a few and start to eat healthier, your taste buds and cravings will change. It will start to taste better, and sweet things will start to taste too sweet. Just keep at it 🙂

      – Karissa

    1. Lol, I mean it will probably clean you out, but it also depends on how your body responds to it. Everyone is different, but you can take some precautions just in case!

      – Karissa

    1. Hello Darcy,

      In my professional opinion, it completely depends on how your body responds to it. The carbs in the juices are healthy carbs, and doing a detox like this helps you lose excess weight along with toxins in your body. Also, since it is only for a few days I doubt you will gain any weight. If for some reason you do, it will be gone just as fast as it came if you stick to low carb afterwards.

      No matter what happens, you will be healthier and feel better.

      – Karissa

  3. I’m trying to lose some weight, I’m a diabetic with high blood pressure and my kidneys are basically shot, I’m due to go in for a consultation to see about getting an implant to get ready for dialysis. Would juicing be a good option for someone in my condition or would it do more harm than good.

    1. Doing a cleanse should not do you any harm. However, depending on your diabetes you will need to keep track of how you’re feeling and if you feel your blood sugar is too low then you will need a little extra juice.

      – Karissa

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