Yoga Body Trapeze – Does It Help With Back Pain?

Yoga Body Trapeze Review

Name: Yoga Body Trapeze


Owner: Lucas Rockwood

Hey guys, today I am going to be doing a review on the product Yoga Body Trapeze. I first heard about this product about a year ago, and now there are a few different yoga trapeze’s out there, but the Yoga Body brand is the best in my opinion. In this review I will cover everything you need to know about this product, and whether or not you should try it!

What is a Yoga Body Trapeze?

The Yoga Body Trapeze is basically a material you can hang from different places around your home (or take with you other places). It is called Inversion Yoga and you can use it to hang your body upside down, as well as achieve multiple exercises. It has MANY physical benefits, including…

  • Back pain and sciatica relief
  • Instant traction on your spine (decompression)
  • Development of core strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Release of shoulder tension
  • Strength improvement

I recommend the Yoga Body Trapeze for people who have back pain, or enjoy yoga. You can do it at home, and there are videos you can watch to help you with exercises. You will be pushing, pulling, using grip strength, doing twists, backbends, forward bends, and opening your hips which can can create a full body workout.

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How Does Yoga Body Trapeze Work?

The Yoga Trapeze kind of looks like a torture device at first, but after spending about 7 minutes upside down you will LOVE it!

Many activities that you do throughout your day can cause back pain, and what almost always causes this pain is compression. Compression is when the vertebrae in your back are squished together, and that often irritates or pinches a nerve. The only thing that is going to relieve that pressure is decompression (hanging upside down), which can also be referred to as spinal traction. Hanging upside down lengthens and pulls the vertebrae apart so the do not squish your disks or pinch your nerves.

Spinal disks are gel like and shock-absorbing. They are in between each vertebra in your spine and as you age, become inactive, or overuse your back, most adults have some degree of disk degeneration (osteoarthritis). As you get older, spinal care becomes more and more important.

If you have chronic back pain, I recommend you go see a chiropractor so they can give you an adjustment to realign the vertebrae in your spine.

It is also very important to stretch and strengthen the muscles that surround your spine! Just hanging upside down wont cut it. You need to strengthen and stretch your muscles so your back can improve and have long term relief, instead of going back to where it was.

80% of the world has back or neck pain. Some people push too hard too fast and cause themselves back pain, others are completely sedentary and spend all day sitting in chairs (which can really compress your spine). Your back pain will just get worse if you do not do something to correct it.

Here are the most commons reasons you have back and/or neck pain…

  • Lack of Flexibility in the shoulders, back muscles, hips, and tops of your legs can lead to injury and chronic pain. How does this happen? When you are working at a computer all day, driving to work, lifting weights, and carry children around your spine can get “locked-up.” When your spine is “locked-up” it is 2-5 times more likely to be injured than a loose spine. So mobility and flexibility are very important for long term spinal health.
  • Lack of Strength in your core will leave your spine unsupported. This makes you spine vulnerable because your abdominal muscles support your spine, and when they are weak you are at risk for injury. Strengthening your core will strengthen your spine.
  • Stress and Tension in your muscles can lead to dysfunctional movements that cause back pain. Physical and emotional stress can cause tension in your upper back, neck, and shoulders which can cause pain and injury.
  • Lack of Movement in your day-to-day life. Our bodies need to twist, shake, rotate, and bend every day. “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!” This is why some people injure their back just by lifting a box up off the floor. You need to use your muscles every day, so that when you need them they will work.

Will it Help With Neck Pain Too?

Yes! Your lower back (lumbar spine) is the most susceptible to injury, however injuries can happen anywhere on your spine. There are also vertebrae and disks in your neck (cervical spine), and in your mid back (thoracic spine) that can cause lots of pain as well.

Your disks could just be inflamed, or they could be worse (bulging, herniated, thinning, compressed, etc.). Spinal disk problems are so common, especially as you get older, that you need to take action to reverse it.

Yes of course you can pop a couple Advil and the pain will be gone, but it’s not healthy and there is no log term affect. Everyone’s body is different, but by using the Yoga Body Trapeze you can decompress, stretch, and strengthen ALL parts of your spine and feel remarkable pain relief.

After you start using the Yoga Body Trapeze to decompress your spine, it is very important to ice your back! You may be a little sore from it pulling your back, so the ice will decrease inflammation and help it feel better. NEVER put heat on it because it will increase the inflammation.

Who Is The Yoga Body Trapeze For?

Getting started on the Yoga Body Trapeze is very simple. People of all ages and sizes can use this by themselves. When you purchase it you will also get a DVD that walks you through the basic poses, along with variations and modifications for all levels. Most days you just do a few poses and that’s all you need, but you should do it at least once a week.

Can Kids Use This?

Yes! Kids LOVE the Yoga Body Trapeze. For kids it is like a giant swing inside the house, and they love to play on it. Since it has two sets of handles, a child can hold onto the shorter set while you pull them with the longer set. It’s actually really fun.

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Where is the Best Place to Hang The Yoga Body Trapeze?

You can hang the Yoga Body Trapeze anywhere!

Options with no installation required include…

  • You can swing it over an exposed beam (in a lofted room, patio, or garage)
  • You can hang from a swing set/playground (easiest)
  • You can tie it to a tree branch
  • You can hang from a piece of gym equipment (such as a chin-up bar)

Hanging the Yoga Body Trapeze is super easy. If you want to hook it into a door frame or ceiling stud, you will need a drill and the Ceiling Hooks or a Door Mount Bar. Neither one is very expensive, and are easy to install. However, if you are hanging it from a swing set or tree you do not anything except the trapeze. A few minutes after you get it you will be able to start swinging.

How Much Does The Yoga Body Trapeze Cost?

The Yoga Body Trapeze is very affordable for something that you will use every day and improve your health. Here is a breakdown of the accessories you can buy separately depending on where you want to hang it… (click the links for prices)

  • Ceiling Hooks – You can use these hooks to hang the Yoga Body Trapeze anywhere on your ceiling, as long as it is on a strong beam.

  • Door Mount Bar – You can use this to mount the Yoga Body Trapeze to a doorway.

  • Yoga Trapeze Stand– You can hang the Yoga Body Trapeze on this stand to take it anywhere!

The Yoga Body Trapeze Stand is very pricey in my opinion. However, there are more options on Amazon for other stands that are cheaper and would work just as well.

Final Thought

The Yoga Body Trapeze is the best thing you can use in your home to relieve back pain and improve flexibility. Don’t forget to ice your back and/or neck after you hang upside down and stretch all the muscles around your spine. You might be a little sore at first, but the DVD that comes with it will help you learn how to use it safely.

Another thing I love about it is you can do some simple body weight exercises and get a great full body weight workout at home. Also, it’s completely affordable. I am a complete Yoga Body Trapeze believer!

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If you have any questions or have had experience with the Yoga Body Trapeze, please leave a comment below.

Live Well and Live On,


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